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139,331 DUI's Annually

Did you know there are over 139, 331 DUI's a year in the state of California alone? With stiffer penalties every year it's vital that you know you rights if you're ever pulled over for a DUI. Loss of license, community service and high insurance penalties can cost you over thousands of dollars. Know your rights and what options are available if you're ever pulled over for a DUI.

It's the LAW
Getting cited for driving under the influence can be devastating. The ongoing process after being cited for a DUI will take it's toll on the strongest of individuals. The current legal limit in the United States is .08%

Every state in the United States has DUI laws that deem a driver "driving under the influence" if they are driving with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08%.

What's Next?
Getting pulled over for driving under the influence can be devastating. The ongoing process after being cited for a DUI will take it's toll on the strongest of individuals. There's tons of questions on your mind and plenty of worries. During the past decade state and federal governments have begun to take a tougher stance on DUI offenders. Searching for an attorney should be one of your first steps. They should help you prepare and defend your DUI case.

Do I Really Need a DUI Attorney?
DUI Penalties are too severe for you to defend your case alone. There are some cases where there is plenty of information on the web or cases are simple. The risk is too great with DUI's. You need professional representation.

What's It Going To Cost?
Plain and simple, DUI cases are costly. Not only to your pocket but quite possibly to your career. If not properly defended by a DUI attorney, you could possibly be paying for your case for years.

Cost's vary from attorney to attorney but you can expect costs to be in the neighborhood of the ones below.

Legal Fees
Towing Fees

What Should I Do Now?
Urgent action is required. The following 10 days after a DUI arrest are crucial. Depending on the arrest you were most likely given a temporary license from the police station. This temporary license comes with the caveat that you must contact the DM within 10 days of your arrest and request a hearing.

Once released from jail, steps become vital and a proper attorney preferably specializing in DUI defense can ensure that your case is defended professionally and with the utmost regard for your well being.

How Do I Choose a DUI Attorney?
You don't have much time and you need to find DUI defense. There are plenty of attorney's out there. It's easy to get lost and there are too many sites on the web that are overloaded with DUI information. Just type in DUI in Google or open up the Yellow Pages. You're sure to be overwhelmed with the amount of choices. So then, how do you choose the right attorney?

DUI Defense Online has outlined some crucial questions you should ask when speaking to the DUI attorney .

  1. How long has the attorney been practicing law?
  2. How long as the attorney been specializing in DUI Cases?
  3. Is the DUI attorney going to promptly return your phone calls?
  4. Does the DUI attorney clearly explain all the fee's and what is included?
  • Make sure you finish the phone call having knowing clearly what the fees are. Different lawyers quote different fees for different services. Don't be afraid to call multiple lawyers. It's your money or credit cards and your future on the line. Bottom line - don't get pushed around on the phone.
  • Attorney's are aggressive on the phone. Most likely they'll say that the first few hours are critical to your DUI case. This is true but it won't hurt to call more than one DUI attorney.

Referrals from friends and from other's close to you are the best form of communicating yourself with a DUI defense attorney. Friends, family and possibly co-workers can give you a referral with a personal point of view of the DUI attorney's success rather than a biased view point of view from the ads on yellow pages, TV or online.

Self Representation vs DUI Attorney?
Plain and simple. The odds are stacked against you. You don't have much time and the risk is far too great. Do the math. DUI penalties are severe. State governments are increasing DUI penalties every year.

There are some DUI classes that make you list the total costs associated with a DUI conviction. Instructors have mentioned seeing some costs tallied at over 10 thousand dollars. Seek the DUI representation you need.

If hiring an attorney isn't possible and you've exhausted all options possible, and you're interested in defending yourself, the National Center for State Courts will get you started on the right foot.

In business there is known as an oportunity cost. Essentially, it is what you're giving up in order to pursue an additional opportunity. In a DUI case the opportunity cost would be the overwhelming fees and process you would endure if not selecting a experienced DUI defender.

Let's take a look at what hiring a specialized DUI attorney vs losing your case might cost you. Just using estimated costs from compounding DUI fees vs hiring a specialized DUI attorney that likely will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

DUI Attorney vs Self Representation

How Not to Hire a DUI Attorney.
There are a more than a few pitfalls when searching for the proper DUI defense attorney.

  • Take caution in hiring your existing lawyer for a DUI case. DUI laws change often. Most attorney's will often refer you to a attorney specializing in DUI cases. Attorney's that dedicate themselves to DUI's are most likely to be updated on current laws and how they can effect your case. They also practice DUI cases daily and their qualified expertise is invaluable.

The first thing that a person must understand after having been arrested for DUI or DWI is that there are two separate cases pending against them. The first case is the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxiacted (DWI) civil case and the second is the DUI or DWI criminal case.

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