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DUI Costs and Penalties

The costs of getting a DUI can be catastrophic. A conviction for driving under the influence has effects financially and emotionally. You'd be surprised of the totality of fees and penalties you'd have to pay. DUI punishments include these below but also can cause strain on relationships and families.

  • Loss of License
    • Officers will consficate your driver's license and issue you a temporary one.
  • Heavy Fines
    • Court issued Fines, DMV Penalties, Traffic Court Fees, Towing Prices.
  • Job Loss
    • Some companiess run a background check every so often. If you don't mention it prior to them finding out could mean big trouble.
  • Job Prevention
    • Most jobs run background checks that will include DMV checks.
  • Legal Fees
  • Increase in Car Insurance Fees
  • Emotional and Financial Stress
  • DMV Fees
  • Negative on background
  • Court Probabtion
  • DUI School (Traffic School)
  • Jail TIme
  • Towing Fees

Anyone of the aforementioned costs alone is enough for you to get yourself the DUI defense you need. Several lawyers dedicate their careers to this field. Because of the several factors that play into each DUI case the importance of choosing the right DUI lawyer is critical.


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