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Top 5 Questions DUI Attorneys will Ask

You, a loved one or a friend has just been pulled over for a DUI. You're looking for legal representation and have begun looking for the right DUI attorney, preferably someone with reasonable fees along with a smart, experienced attorney.

You're likely going to be calling more than a few DUI attorneys looking for the right one. You'll need to be prepared. The bettter prepared you are to answer any of the questions they'll ask you, the quicker you'll be able to find the right one for you.

We've compiled a list similar to our Top Ways to Beat Your DUI. These are questions that DUI attorneys will ask you when asking for a quote or at the start of your case. If you can have these prepared prior to the call, the calls will go a lot quicker and you'll be much more aware and smarter on how you choose a DUI attorney.

If you're not the one that's been pulled over you can ask these to those that did and help them find one while your friend or loved one is trying to straighten other issues up.

#1 - The Breath Test
If you took a breath test, it is prudent and advisable to always get the calibration records of the device. You will be surprised how many problems there are with the devices. Also, the device is only as good as its operator. There's a likelyhood that the offier who administered the test is not certified to operate the machine.

Finally, its always a good idea to see the name brand of the machine to find out the common problems associated with the device. Most alcohol experts will tell you that there should be a 15 minute wait period before administering the breathalizer to avoid having false high reading that are assocated with mouth alchohol.

#2 - The Blood Test

If you took a blood test, it's always prudent and avisable to always retest the sample to make sure there was an adequate preservative in the blood vial. If there is not enough preservative, you can get what is called fermentation. Fermentation will give you a false high blood alcohol reading and thus a person with a .07% blood alcohol level could end up giving false high readings of perhaps a test twice or three times the level!

#3 - Mistaken Identity

You need to use common sense. If you had one of wine, or one beer yet you are testing a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater, it's possible that your rest results are actually somone else's. You may want to look in the possibility for DNA testing. Thre have been instances, although rare, that the lab has actually given the results for somone else's test.

#4 - The Stop

You need to know why you were pulled over. If you were driving between 10:00pm and 2:00am, there is a good likelyhood that the traffic stop has been fabricated to justify a traffic stop. Most police officers assume late night driving will result in a DUI arrest. If the police office did not have probable cause to pull you over, the case may be thrown out by the judge.

#5 - Rising Blood Alcohol

Your lawyer should be asking you about your drinking pattern. The drinking pattern questions including determing if you drank on a empty or full stomach and the time you first started drinking as well as the last time of your last drink are all important. These factors could have all played all in your reading. If your DUI lawyer fails to ask you these questions, then he may not be defending your DUI case properly.

It is very important to know this information to determine if you had what is called a "Rising Blood Alcohol". It's possible your blood alcohol level was within the legal limits at the time of driving but significantly higher at the police station.

#6 - Sobriety Tests

Not all type of field sobriety test are deemed reliable by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yet many police officers all over America, administer various forms of field sobrity tests that are not reliable indicators of wheter someone is under the influence of alcohol.

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